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RAGAS OF THE WORLD perceives the world of music through the lens of Carnatic Classical.

  • 'Raga' in Sanskrit means 'Desire'...A song is a desire to express. Music, like all art forms, desires to express emotions that cannot be expressed otherwise

  • Ragas cannot be invented. They can only be discovered. Every musician approaches the same raga differently. The raga is so benevolent, that it manifests itself to suit the interpretation of its broadcaster. The Power in every Raga lies in its interpretation... in its interpreter

  • 'Your Date with A Raaga' is one such interpretation of 72/35 Southern Street. It is to celebrate the greatest musicians of Hindi Cinema, from the past & present… and their spiritual connections with Carnatic Ragas 

  • Like on any other date, this one too is full of Fun, Surprises & Discoveries 

  • We will choose a popular Raaga for the evening & explore the handling of that Raaga across various genres of music including Bollywood.

  • We always believe that ‘There is bit of Carnatic in every Playlist’

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