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72/35 Southern Street – a premier thinking band

The genesis of our street is an inspiration from the roots of Carnatic tradition
72 Melakarta Ragas – the fundamental set of Melodic structures in Carnatic music

35 Talams - the underlying principles of Rhythmic beats in Carnatic music

Who are We?
• Enthusiastic Evangelizers of Carnatic Music
• Our neighborhood has a strong quintessence of South Indian Fine Arts
• We propagate this very presence of Carnatic, in the Popular & World Music platforms


What is our Vision & Purpose?
• To widen scope of the Carnatic Music
• Evangelize, yet retain core values of the Carnatic music style
• Entertain to deliver a cherishing experience each time… every time

The Curators & Narrators
• Indian thinking band
• 2 CA's, 2 MBA's, 1 IT Professional & 1 Entertainment Curator
• Amassed experience of 6000+ concerts across varied genres
• Perform over 25 instruments live on stage
• Not just perform, we tell ‘Stories’. 

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