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  • Carnatic classical is a lot of fun, and in a way, connected to other classical forms from all over the world

  • ECSTATIC CARNATIC is curated to musically engage the audience… …its a classical story 

  • The word ecstatic includes – spirited, witty, vibrant, blissful, rapturous, energetic & euphoric. The show will have all these elements and much more 

  • Apart from Classical, the show may even feature Semi-Classical forms including Bhajans, Ghazals, Abhangs & Folk. The content of show, will be to highlight these connections to the common audience 

  • It may also involve Classical/ Semi Classical dance forms. Witness, as dance & music, seamlessly blend, on stage, in an integrated presentation 

  • It is a platform that gets the audience close to the performers… wherein the show becomes interactive, light-hearted & enjoyable 

  • This show format is designed based on insights from the Master of Music & hours of dedicated research.

  • The mission is to simplify the complex system of ‘Classical music’, and relate it to the common audience

  • We always believe that ‘There is bit of Carnatic in every Playlist’

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